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Administrative documents and course guides for Digital Humanities initiatives, from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Welcome to UC Digital Humanities Boilerplate.

This site contains content that can be used as boilerplate to help with the development of digital humanities programs and courses. By sharing the material, and encouraging reuse of it, the intention is to help the writing process for others engaged in similar processes, and to foster further pedagogical development of the Digital Humanities. All site material, including the website itself, is available for download. A range of deployment models are offered for people interested in developing digital humanities programs at their universities or colleges. The program is delivered through the University of Canterbury Digital Humanities Program in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Citations in scholarly journals should use, James Smithies and Paul Millar, 'FILE TITLE', University of Canterbury Digital Humanities Boilerplate, 2012 - 2015. http://ucdhboilerplate.info.

It is not necessary to cite the material on this site if it is only being used for administrative purposes, although a single note would be welcome if your institutional templates support it.

Postgraduate Honours

The postgraduate program available on this site was presented at DH2013, Nebraska. See Smithies, J.D., Millar, P. and Bellamy, C. (2013) 'State of the Art': Negotiating a Standards-approved Digital Humanities Curriculum. Lincoln, NE, USA: Digital Humanities 2013, 16-19 Jul 2013. (Conference Contribution - Abstracts)

The program and courses presented here have changed since initial implementation. This generally means they now have a more practical / applied orientation. This was part of a broader strategy, to seed DH with available resources and build technical content as awareness and capability developed.

An Honours year in New Zealand requires four courses, with a major requiring at least two in a single subject. Honours is traditionally used by students either to add value to their BA, or prepare them for advanced postgraduate study. Students are required to take at least one mainstream humanities course alongside their digital humanities ones. The following documents are available:

Undergraduate Minor

Documentation for the undergraduate minor in Digital Practice is available here.

Other Resources

Many other course designs and deployment options are of course possible. People interested in the Digital Humanities should also visit the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations and centerNet to see the wide range of centers, pedagogies, tools, and methods currently under development. An excellent list of DH syllabi is maintained by the CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative, available at the CUNY Academic Commons. Get up to date on current Digital Humanities work and scholarship at Digital Humanities Now, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, Digital Humanities Quarterly, the Journal of Digital Humanities, and Twitter.

Deployment Options

Digital Humanities Programs are best tailored to institutional circumstances. CLick here (TO DO) for some options.


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